February 22, 2017

Junior Cycle Specification

  • Abenteuer Deutsch 1 has been written in accordance with the new Junior Cycle Specification for Modern Foreign Languages
  • Abenteuer Deutsch 1 comprehensively covers the Learning Outcomes and Key Skills of all three Strands of the Junior Cycle
  • Specification for Modern Foreign Languages:
    • Communicative Competence
    • Language Awareness
    • Socio-Cultural Knowledge and Intercultural Awareness
  • Aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Level A1)
  • The Abenteuer Deutsch 1 package includes:
    • A Student Textbook
    • A Sprachpass
    • A Student CD
    • A Free Mini-Whiteboard
    • A Free Student e-Book
    • A Teacher’s Resource Book
    • A Teacher’s CD
    • Digital Resources